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What was your reason for going thru eBay as opposed to woofers directly?
Kinda what I was wondering...

I haven't bought anything from Woofers, for a number of years.
But, about 10 years ago, I bough quite a lot of stuff from them, and never had an issue. Not once ever.

Sure, there's guys that go online and bitch about being hosed (like what you're doing)... but you never hear the other side of the story.

1. Woofers sells a TON of equipment. The more you sell, the more likely you're going to have feedback (good and bad).

2. There's a lot of dumbasses out there, that buy a cheap sub and hook it up to their 50,000 watt amp that they got from Wal-Mart. Then blow the sub in the first 10 minutes, and try to return it. As soon as they get denied, they scream; 'foul play'. Not saying this is what you did... but we all know those guys are out there, and plenty of them. I'm sure Woofers has experienced this many times...

3. Clearly, Woofers and eBay have some sort of internal agreement, regarding their refund policy. I've never heard of this, but I can assure you that Woofers is legit, and don't make a policy of ripping people off. You are ranting about criminals, and being ripped off, but the solutions seems fairly straightforward: Woofers has refunded you 50%, and eBay has refunded you the other 50%. What am I missing here? Although it's an odd way to do a refund, there is nothing illegal about it, and I'm failing to see how you got scammed.

4. I'll make one final point;
In this transaction, you actually purchased from eBay (not Woofers). The seller was eBay. You should have taken this up the them, before ever contacting Woofers directly. It's kinda like buying a sour jug of milk, and calling the farmer to complain, rather than just going back to the grocery store for a refund...