Well well well, hate to do this, but people ought to be aware of this guy and the fact that he does not need to be doing any work for anyone. So as we have it this guy was paid over $6800 for work on my Lexus ISF that he had in possession since the beginning of March. Work was finally complete by the very end of June which was the third time he postponed the build. His inability to pay his phone bill, led to me not being able to touch base with him other than FB messenger and or email and was inconvenient to say the least. His work was absolutely terrible, he lost my spare car key which he thinks was in his car that was repoed, never got that back, and the overall build and tune were absolutely horrible. This is in no way to defame him, merely saying that I do not want anyone to go through what he made me go through with his fits of rage, lies and postponements. People only go to reputable places for installs. This guy was the 4th place that fucked up my car costing me thousands and thousands of dollars, time and headaches over the course of over 2 years. More pics to come.