Sorry for the couple of spelling errors. I am not sure how to fix them. More pictures of his work. I will refrain from posting communications between us. Things got heated on my end and I will admit that. Who wouldn't be? Anyhow based on the all can determine for yourself what was done. But I currently have my car at a place where someone from the board referred me to. I also want to throw out thanks to some people from this forum and from other places outside of this form. Truck guy, Ralph Aldridge, Jerry Niebur, and Brian form Arc Audio has been nothing less than class act and has a customer for life with the customer service he has given me that has gone above and beyond. I sincerely want to thank each and everyone of you for the help and support. And to the two guys that have my car now they know who they are. I have every bit of faith this install will finally be coming to a conclusion.