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I'm a bit surprised the subject of this thread hasn't chimed in...If I saw my face every time I opened DIYMA knowing it's attached to a not-so-flattering review I think I would want to say something in my own defense.

Small scratches etc do happen even when you're carefull...but it looks like the workmanship is pretty poor. The 'lost' key has me a bit concerned...There was a rival shop in OKC way back when I was an installer and they 'lost' keys too...usually within a couple weeks the customer would have their system stolen and without any alarms going off. Hmmmmm.

Sorry you had this experience. Good luck.

This guy had every chance to do the right thing. Nobody that has tried an install on my car has never not gotten paid exactly what the invoice asked for. This is not the first bad experience I have had, just the most costly and most unfortunate one. Sometimes it take 5 shops to get things done properly. Scratches fo happen, and that thing is a shop is aware it the put a gouge in a person's steering wheel that bad. He could have been the bigger person and made sure it was fixed. But just goes to show what kind of guy he is.