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1995 Tahoe, Sony MEX-XB120BT, Infinity Reference 5032CFX 5-1/4" front, Kicker KSC41004 KSC4100 4x10 rear. Intermittent 'Output error' (may be with volume above 40). Sony says wiring or faulty unit. Done so far- direct 10 gauge to battery with fuse within 18" for power, 10 gauge ground to known good frame ground. All wiring direct to radio harness, all other wiring ohms out ok. Sounds great other than intermittent output error.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

ps- if they want 10 gauge wire run for power and ground why do they only use thin gauge to connect it to the radio?

pps- assuming this actually is an 'output' error I'm going to run 16 gauge wire to each speaker rather than use the thinner factory wire.
update- error just went away.