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I'm conflicted about replacing my DSR-1 with an AP4 and separate DSP. At this point, while I'm still not 100% happy with my audio upgrade (which is built around the DSR-1), I'm not really sure that the DSR-1 is the problem. I honestly think that it's my lack of tuning ability/experience. The DSR-1 is just such a powerful DSP for the price. I'd actually be going backwards in terms of functionality if I replaced my DSR-1 with an AP4/DSP-408. Can't' say for sure whether it would make any sonic difference though. Some seem to believe that the DSR-1 is lacking in terms of sound quality, but I'm not so sure it's the limiting factor in my case...

I'm hanging in there with the DSR-1 for now, but if I ever do look to replace it, I'll have the DSP-408 already. :-) WOuld still need to spend another $250+ for the AP4 though.

Yeah the ap4 is my next purchase lol. That one will be a while