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Good stuff here.

You asked for feedback. So here’s mine:

1) Language. I get we all curse. But I quit watching soundman vids because of his excessive language. Also, you may have an interested customer who is turned off by it (or he shows his wife and she’s not too hot about it).

I could see this costing you a few customers as well, but I also understand about how you come across when you try to script it. That's why I ended up winging my Top 50 video.

2) No more filming toward the light or close the bay door so your work doesn’t get washed out. I kept waiting for the money shot of the sail panels but it’s hard to see the craftsmanship when the sunlight is washing it out. This is what I’m talking about:

I quit watching Soundman videos because he's an idiot, and I don't care about Rafa's mom. lol