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Wanted to Buy Stereo Integrity TM65 MKiii pair.

I want to buy a set of these for my Jeep Comanche to replace the Diamond Audio 5.25" D6 set of mids. I plan on using the Diamond tweeters for now. I would like more mid-bass and this seems the only way to go. I have over 4" of depth, but I think these are the drivers to go with. I have a set of Diamond Audio Hex 6.5" NIB, but I really have doubts using them. If anyone can convince me otherwise with a different set let me know. It will be a little challenge to mount them since the 5.25"s are rear mounted to the steel door inner skin. I will have to modify the door steel and make a nice mounting ring for the upgraded size. The grills are for the pair of 5.25's because 6.5's will not clear the window crank. I plan on getting a junk door to tinker with to make sure I have a good plan on modifying my doors.

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New hopefully, not really interested in a used set unless just for demo only perhaps.

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Who knows, you tell me...

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On Me

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Here is what I have to work with.


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Check out the latest post. There is one guy selling a set. Don't know how to link but will be up top or few post below. This one.

Good luck