So onward to the audio plan. I'm operating on a tight budget mostly because I'm saving to purchase a house very soon. The wheels, tires, and lift were a splurge event to get the truck 100% road-ready for a trip or even to bug out, if the situation requires it. As most of you know, we're living in very interesting times. Anyway, I have a simple plan to start out the build. I own a Helix V-Eight and I plan on using that as my DSP/amp. For the sub channel, I think I'll use one of my Massive Audio Nano series monoblocks, which have always been great. I was looking at a cool way to mount these guys, perhaps by using an "Orange Boxx" plate like this: and by mounting the DSP/amp, mono amp, an aluminum plate for the distribution block, and whatever else is needed in a sorta semi-open design inside this crate. I don't know if it is even feasible, but it would certainly protect the equipment and if I did it right, look cool as hell. The problem I'm currently facing is a lack of tools and space to fabricate. This isn't my house (its my parent's), and until I move into my own house somewhere nearby, almost all my fabrication tools are in storage and will remain unusable. So, I may just have to put a temp plan together and mount the gear under the seats or something. I haven't yet really put much thought into other than just dreaming how cool it would be to have a semi-exposed setup back there and use that space that generally does nothing, on the driver's side there in the back.

The passenger side houses the factory subwoofer and my thoughts on that were to just amplify it and see how it sounds. Its a JBL sub, appears to be a ported 8" unit, and it actually sounds fantastic at low to moderate volumes. I figure if I give it REAL power, we can see where its limits are but for now, it might do nicely. It fits like a glove and looks the part, so it might suffice until I can get a real enclosure done. And just like the driver's side, my goal here is to make it look industrial and rugged, while being functional. I have several subs at my disposal, but the space is limited so I was thinking a pair of Sundown 10" SD3's might be the ticket. Hell, maybe just one with a passive radiator, I'd have to play with the modeling to see. I also have my beloved Acoustic Elegance AV10H-D2 sitting around, which would be a monster but it likes bigger boxes, so it might not be ideal here.

The front stage, I've thought Audiofrog GS690's in the original location, and my set of KAXBLTWTs in the original dash mounts. The factory location has excellent imaging even with the stock tweeters. If you've never seen what these look like up close, check this out:

So the "easy" way to go here is just to install the KAXBLTWTs in the factory position,

play around 1.8-2.25k or so around there, and the GS690's could take over. Keep the rear speakers factory since they are simple 3.5" drivers in the D-pillar (no rear door speakers because of the suicide doors.)