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Well you would obviously be a great seller by all accounts and your price is fair enough.

Actually those, being completely new, are probably rare.
To avoid any confusion, they aren't completely new - they were played on the bench. The difference in that and new will be negligible - closer to broken in than new, and IMO as good as new, but still have a little low power play time on them.

Rare may be another matter though. I've heard rumors that SI is done making these. Err of course done making the MkII, but that rumor suggests that all the tm65, M25 and the mids that will ever be, already are. That is based on hearsay however, but may be true? But. They are all out of stock and no pre-orders have been announced to my knowledge (I do my best to steer clear of facebuk and that's where Nick likes to offer updates on his stuff). I hope it is not true personally. I REALLY dig my m25 tweeters, and have a spare set, but would hate to know they're an endangered species.

I am looking forward to the SQL12's arrival. Gonna have to get one of those for my gear closet