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He was IB with the Maxes...and it doesn't take a ton of power to get the Maxes to reach full excursion IB. 300 watts to a Max IB and she will pretty much max out excursion.
Very true. I'm pretty sure even in a sealed alignment on the right frequency you would reach full linear output with 500w. You'd be surprised just how little power we use on a regular basis, I would say no more than 50w to my AE drivers on average.

I don't think in this case the price reflects anything, it's quite the opposite, the AE is a better build driver. I enjoyed my IdMax subs but in all honesty going back would be a bit of downgrade in just about every aspect (technology, fidelity, sensitivity, light weight, extended response on both ends, maybe output is on par, I can't really tell without another DB test but I'm not risking it - I broke my baffle with the Maxes at 135db at 20hz)