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if i knew how to measure I might just do that. All I know is that my eclipse has damaged a few products because of its high output voltage. I wouldnt want to spend the $800 or whatever the price is on this thing just for my eclipse to blow it up.
Multimeter Bob, multimeter.

Can you please show proof of what that the high voltage signal damaged? Not trying to be confrontational at all. I hear this all the time, however I've never seen proof.

If you actally knew how much votage your Eclipse 8V deck was pumping out...even at fill tilt (80/80) on the most dynamic disk you own, you'd probably be A LITTLE surprised. Marketing shannagins for the loss!

Also, to be clear, my original comment was not directed at you personally. I personally believe that preout voltage might just be the most poorly understood facets in car audio. Not surprisingly, manufaturers take advantage of this BIG TIME!!