For the millionth time ... nobody, and i do mean nobody ... has ever suggested that all amps sound the same! Suggesting that "all amps sound the same" is a hypothesis that would be positively trivial to disprove.

Suggesting that one side of the "debate" ... for lack of a better word ... "believes" all "amps to sound the same" is wrong on at least two levels:

- it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of one side's position
- it demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the scientific method, to suggest that both sides rely on a "belief" system

Let's try it this way :

Of course amplifiers sound different! But we know the short list of reasons why.

If you "believe" ... and i'll use that term very accurately ... that the short list is inadequate, there's one very clear way to validate your belief: Get two amps, make sure the items on the short list are the same (meaning, sonically indistinguishable), and demonstrate a statistically-significant result that a difference is still heard.

Why is that so confusing?