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plcrides 11-11-2017 12:24 AM

will pay for help with pay pal
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help calculating port for enclosure

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i have two sun down audio SA-8 V3 D4's going in a ported enclosure.
i can't download sketch up due to older mac computer.
i have all the spec's.well most
W- whatever it needs to be for port,it doesn't matter with width i have the space.its behind a seat in truck.maybe 40 inches that would make it 1.42 before displacement and 1.26 after.not sure which is the best volume for two i can't even find that online.

jacob recommends .5 -.75 for one sub so which ever is best for two.
i have all the materials and wish to start asap.ive been building boxes for years and I'm pretty good at it i just never could figure out the math part and I'm tired of looking at online calculators that ask me for port size when i don't know shoot me a pm please.somebody,,anybody.
i have pay pal and will pay you please.


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danno14 11-11-2017 12:27 AM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
Go here:

And Paypal me one million dollars. :)

plcrides 11-11-2017 01:18 AM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
so thats what it takes to get help around here huh ? haha money,ok ok i gotcha and thanks for the pm,yep everyone he sent me a pm haha that didn't take long.LoL

SPLEclipse 11-11-2017 08:58 AM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
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Per Sundown's specs those subs are about 6.5" deep. If you only have 9" of external depth (which means 7.5" internal depth assuming 3/4" MDF), you are going to have a really hard time fitting a port, as any port will need to bend inside the enclosure. That means you are going to have to bend the port several times in order to get the required length. You will need to make the enclosure the full 40" wide.

If your port opening is on one end of the enclosure and is 1.75" wide (1.75" by 8.5" height port area) you can use four 5.75"x 8.5" pieces to make the port.

This gives you about 0.9 ft^3 total for the subs (0.36 ft^3 for the port) tuned to 35hz.

plcrides 11-11-2017 03:42 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
wow thats like a T line almost,it doesn't have to be 40,it can be as long as it needs to be,its behind the seat in a truck which is probably close to six foot i guess,i would have to look.thanks for your time and a sketch that was nice of you.theres always the wedge shape can be
Top D -6
Bot D-9
& Width - ? however wide it needs.

plcrides 11-11-2017 07:17 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
thats why I'm having such a hard time with these subs.they call for such a small enclosure but at the same time they call for a long port.i am not going to build another wedge shaped box.if i could get the measurements for something wider than 40 inches,at least get me to a L shaped port and just let me know the length of the port and how wide of a opening and I'm good.i don't need a offer still stands as of this time,i need help.i really wanted to build it tonight to give me something to do.i would much rather be in the garage instead of sitting here if you know what i mean.LoL

SPLEclipse 11-11-2017 07:53 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
Just got your email...I'm at work for the rest of the night so it's hard to respond.

The problem with the L-port is that you don't have enough room behind the subs for it. With a taller enclosure you might be able to run it underneath the subs and out of the top or side of the enclosure, but I don't have any design software and doing it by hand is a PITA, lol.

The larger you make the internal volume of the enclosure the shorter the port can be for the same tuning, so ideally you want to go as big as you can to keep the port from taking up such a large volume.

Sorry i can't be of more help. I'm not really looking for money or anything, just thought I'd throw out a simple design idea if you just needed a little guidance. I know there are enclosure designers out there that would be happy to make one with a cut-list and all for $20, but I don't have any recommendations. Good luck!

plcrides 11-11-2017 08:10 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
hey thanks so much for your help.i can build the one you drew for me,its no big deal,the wedge shaped boxes with a straight port had major port noise so the one you made shouldn't have any right??? if you think it would work i will start on it in a few,what do you think ? hell i see a lot of enclosures built now days with tons of ports in them ya know.

beak81champ 11-11-2017 10:15 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
Get ahold of Mark at

plcrides 11-11-2017 10:51 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
im fixing to go ahead with the designative built 3 boxes already two were wedges
one was a design from bryan at sun down wedge with 15'' pvc 3'' round.the end of the port was right at the magnet and loud port noise.
second wedge from bryan wedge with 3 x 3 x 18'' port same thing port was right by magnet pure port noise,third was rectangle
10 x 10 x 24 slot port and pvc port noise plus the box wouldn't fit behind seat at all.
this box design from SPL looks like it wouldn't have port noise one bit.looking at all the custom enclosures now days they are similar to T lines and i am at wits end guys,so what else can i do.if it doesn't work well then I'm screwed again
this isn't my daily driver so its ok guys.
pioneer 80
stereo integrity tweeters in A pillars
custom kick panels
8 inch dayton audio's in sealed enclosure full length of the bottom of the doors and oh man they sound good.just need to finnish subs to tune it all together.

plcrides 11-15-2017 08:10 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
all systems go.the enclosure in the drawing was a total fail…..i repeat a total haha I'm kidding,its a slam i only turned it up barely for a second because it was 1,30 a.m. when i finished but in my experience they either work or they don't when they are contraptions like this one.the twist's and turn's in this one made me want to build it and I'm glad i did.

before i cut anything i was checking out the design and noticed something didn't add up,in the drawing it says 5.5 its supposed to be 5.75 no big deal,i totally appreciate SPL for taking the time to do what he did.

so anyways the box is huge and weighs a ton,loading it in the truck sucked,my truck has 9 inches of lift,so i had to remove passenger seat and i had to put two straps around the box so i could carry and lift it.i wish it wasn't so damn long but oh going to have to turn it way down low so it doesn't drown out my dayton audio's.

i then took it right back out so i can finnish sanding edges and i just ordered carpet so it won't be totally finished until that arrives.then i will know exactly what it sounds like,but I'm pretty sure its going to wang and bang.

a huge thanks to SPL eclipse for the design.that reminds me i have a old 8 volt pre out eclipse HU somewhere in my attic that I'm going to try and locate it for grins :)

SPLEclipse 11-15-2017 09:35 PM

Re: will pay for help with pay pal
Glad it worked out! Sorry about the 5.5" measurement, I originally made the port width 2" but it added too much port length. I went back and tried to change everything to accommodate but must have forgotten that one. It was supposed to just be a rough idea anyway.

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