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Clean_logix 08-14-2019 02:56 PM

Sub box questions
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Just purchased the AF GB10D2, planning my sub box now. I'm going to install it near the rear wheel well on the passenger side. I'm aiming for the .6ft^3 sealed enclosure and was wondering if 2 corner braces on each of the back corners will be enough.
I'd like to stick with a plywood rectangular shaped box, because I have all materials on hand and it will be a lot easier to get that .6cf volume for me that route. Assuming I have enough clearance where the molded trunk carpet is at(I think there's at least 5 inches behind it) could I cut the face of my box to contour to the curve of the wheel well? Trying to get a flush mounted appearance that I can blend in with the existing trunk carpeting. I haven't seen any pictures like that,everyone seems to just go the fiberglass route. Attached a picture of the finished look I'm aiming for, minus the focal branding.

miniSQ 08-14-2019 03:01 PM

Re: Sub box questions
two things...the nice thing about a .6 box is no bracing is really needed. a ported box for that sub:D

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