Hey guys, just starting to get my build going, and am in need of wiring advice. I have a 2015 Subaru STI and am wanting to add 2 JL 10w1 subs into custom fiberglass enclosures. I am not new to installing, but have never used an OEM HU before, so I bought this Audiocontrol LC7i to get the subs going with a Kicker ZR240 I have.

Now as for wiring, I need to know what channels I need to pull the signal from while retaining all the OEM speaker functions (for now, until I decide to add a 4 channel, new speakers, etc) and this is why I bought the LC7i, rather than the LC2i. Attached are the images of the wiring diagrams for the car system, any advice as to what wires (speakers) I need to tap into to get a full range signal, and where I should tap into them? Pre amp or post amp etc? Any other items I need to know, etc?
Wiring Diagram-page-007.jpgWiring Diagram-page-008.jpgWiring Diagram-page-009.jpg