NOTE - This is a question about USB input from a player, not related to CDs.

I find it a bit odd that the output is a 24 bit DAC (the 80PRS's burr brown outputs), but everything I'm seeing suggests 16 is the bit depth limit... I get it if that is the case. It would just mean it can only read 16 bit incoming, then ups it to 28 bit float for the processing of the EQ etc (this floating scale helps prevent clipping when using additive EQ or say adding dB to the sub output, etc). So I guess if that's the case, it's gotta be 16 bit going in and comes out with the "edited" (time aligned and EQ'd) signal at 24 bit.

1) So I get the logic, but am just asking if this is true vs. if anyone has successfully played 24 bit files from a DAP or USB stick.

2) If so, do you know if it's dropping it to 16 bit at some point before putting it up to 28? (as in the "normal" of the unit is 16->28->24)