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madsry 06-10-2019 10:21 AM

Motorcoach layout and equipment help please!
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So I just partnered in on two 40 passenger Temsa TS35’s to use for private charters in our area. Using the DIY spirit, I’m pretty determined to build a really solid sound system for a reasonable cost.

I’m thinking active as it feels a bit safer should some anomalies need to be fixed up.

The stock speakers look to be an awkward 3x5 size and in my estimation wouldn’t allow for the options or quality that I’m looking for. With that in mind, I’m wondering about two options:

1. Fabricate small enclosures and simply run 4 or 6 2-way (or 3-way) sets spaces throughout the bus using the 4 corners and possibly the luggage compartment in the middle of the bus for 2 additional sets.

2. Use the 20 existing overhead locations (possibly with a custom 3D printed mounting plates) to house a small mid-range/full range only or possibly small 2-way combined, then use 4 or so woofers spaced throughout the cabin to make a 3-way system that way. The thought process here is that dialogue from movies and music in general would be much easier to hear clearly via the full range/small 2-way being directly overhead with the woofers filling in the lower regions from other locations.

Hopefully this description makes sense.

I like the idea of going active and using raw drivers to maximize quality while keeping costs in check.

Depending on which option I pursue, driver costs need to stay pretty low. I’d like to see what we can do with $1200 or so for just the raw drivers (not including subs or amps).
I’m very open to suggestions on amps, but the biketronics amps are looking interesting for the main speakers. For the subs, I’m thinking about 2 Dayton 12” HF’s in a sealed box and open to suggestions on an amp for those.

And lastly, wide open to suggestions for a solid DSP and/or and head unit. Looks like there are a few head units that can process a 3-way setup internally, although not entirely familiar with the pros and cons of integrating that functionality.

I’m hoping to get some fairly quick feedback here. My partner is antsy to get this finished and keeps pulling up random amazon listings for crappy speakers and saying “these would be good, right”.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.

JMikeK 06-10-2019 05:08 PM

Re: Motorcoach layout and equipment help please!
It's not so easy to see the scale of the space you have available. My thoughts:

1. The stock speaker setup looks astonishingly bad. Are they simply mounted pointing at a solid slab of plastic? I don't understand how that works. Is it in the ventilation channel with the sound just bouncing around until it makes it out of a random vent? If you're in a rush, you may be able to use bookshelf speakers if you have the room (or make your own "bookshelf" speakers from home audio drivers if you are building enclosures anyway). Here's an example of a pair for only $70: I don't think you have the space, but bigger JBLs like these would absolutely smash ( Of course, those are 8-ohm, so you may need to rethink your quantity and wiring and stuff. These refurbed 4" JBLs are also fantastic for $200 a pair and much smaller (

2. I would save money on expensive DSPs, multi-channel amplifiers, etc. Here's an option: Install 4 pairs of those Daytons above in the vent channels if they fit. Then use a simple 4-channel amp like this one ( which will give you 85x4 at 2 ohms. Then run your two front-left speakers off one channel in parallel, your two front-right speakers off another channel in parallel, etc. That way you power a total of 8 full-range speakers off a $140 amp with over 300 watts of power available. That will crank.

As for the subs, I would port em tuned nice-and-low if possible. You won't have the cabin gain of a small hatchback, so sealed subs will likely require a lot of power and EQ to sound right in that big of a room.

I realize you were thinking of having fun with expensive DSPs and custom-fabricating enclosures and all, but this will probably sound just as good if it can fit, and it would be a lot cheaper and easier.

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