So I went ahead and dropped the cash on an LC-6.1200 even though I didn't really want to get any new equipment.. oh well.

Since I had planned on using my original amp I didn't go too crazy on speakers for a basic upgrade, but now I'm wondering if there will be an optimal configuration that I haven't thought about.

The speakers are already installed, I was just waiting to install the DSP/AMP... which will now be the LC-6.1200 instead.

Tweeter: Kicker 44KSC3504 3-1/2" (4ohm, 50w RMS)
Front: Kicker 43DSC69304 6"x9" (4ohm, 90w RMS)
Rear: Kicker 43DSC6504 6-1/2" (4ohm, 60w RMS)
Sub: Pioneer TS-SWX2502 (4ohm, 300w RMS)

As far as I know the tweeters and front speakers are on the same output from the head unit and I won't be running new speaker wire to the tweeters for their own channel.

With these pieces in mind, is there an optimal way to run the speakers/channels? Should I just run each speaker on their own channel or bridge them?

What would you do?