Large screen, variable digital out, 4 camera inputs, versatile installation options, SiriusXM control, this unit seems to offer quite a bit. Any users here who would like to give their experiences? I sent the following questions to their tech support, but if anyone here knows any of the answers, all the better.

Does the unit support 24/192 FLAC files?
What are the limitations regarding the number of files and folders that can be accessed?
Can USB storage be used on both USB inputs, or is the one only used for Android Auto/Carplay?
Any possibility there will be an update supporting wireless Android Auto?
Is the 5 foot cable the longest possible? Seems like mounting the "brain" in the trunk might be useful.
Is the 15 band EQ functional when using the Toslink output? The Clarion units have their EQ disabled while using digital out, but would be nice to have some EQ control via head unit.
Is there any form of recording/saving video camera input?