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1) not many keep those in stock

2) they were an authorized dealer, but atrend was the distributor up until 10 days ago. I'm not sure if woofers etc will remain a dealer.

3) I personally would just go with the ap, but the sp isnt bad by any means

6) you definitely dont need 500 watts to your midbass. I have 50 on the gb60 and it's enough. 500 is just either going to launch them to the moon (if you actually use that 500), or it's just a waste

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Thank you SkizeR,

1.) Who is the distributor now?

2.) If I purchase from WoofersEtc via Amazon does this negate warranty since there is a new distributor?

3.) If I Purchase the Z-150.6 AP is there any issues with running channels unloaded ( meaning GB60 on 1&2 & tweets on 3&4 leaving 5&6 open/ unused?

4.) If purchased in between a new distributor will a zapco honor all warranties of the new amp purchase regardless of their new re-structuring?

Any Zapco dealers on this board who can PM me if you have AP amps in stock thanks!