After my PPI DSP-88r decided to puke out on me I picked up a MiniDSP 2x4 (thanks JSCoyne) and while it worked pretty well I wasn't happy with how sensitive to levels it was and since I had a few extra buck in my Paypal I picked up the Dayton on eBay.

Install was straightforward and like any other DSP I've ever used. I'm feeding it a signal from an Audio Control LC2i which is fed from the factory Honda radio because the OEM starts clipping around 26 (of 40) and even at that point it seems too much for most processors. I've adjusted the output of the LC2i so that it's not clipping the input of the processor.

The software is easy enough to use once you learn how to link channels. I used the measurements that I'd previously used with my PPI unit and I have to say that it sounds really good! I've done ZERO EQ tuning only TA and Xover. Noise floor is practically non-existent, turns on and off silently, and the wired remote works well enough.

For $150 it's a great unit. Would recommend!