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Conversation Between PPI_GUY and Astrokat
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  1. PPI_GUY
    05-29-2018 - permalink
    I don't know much about the newer PPI PC series. I know they are discontinued along with the Phantom series. Honestly, the only modern PPI amps I would consider buying new would be the Ion series. They are Korean made and offer decent bang for your buck. But, they are very limited on features and are tiny. More of a cheap daily driver solution really.
    Epsilon is the parent company of both PPI and Soundstream. I'd stay away from both brands if you're looking for higher quality amplifiers.
    Take a look at NVX or JBL instead of PPI. That brand (along with Soundstream) is dying a slow death.
  2. Astrokat
    05-28-2018 - permalink
    Know anything about the Precision Power PC1000.1? I could get two in like new condition for $250. Good deal? NVRM, shortly after i posted this someone bought them. My god.
  3. Astrokat
    05-26-2018 - permalink
    Does PPI Have "high end" line these days? That phantom I ordered got "lost" so now they're holding my money until tues until they open. They're thinking i'll want a substitute LOL NAH, gimmie my $$$ back!
  4. Astrokat
    05-23-2018 - permalink
    YUP LOL. Gonna spend the $28 extra to get the PPI name instead of the dumb spider.
  5. PPI_GUY
    05-22-2018 - permalink
    I doubt there are any internals differences between the PPI, NVX and the Soundstream. Supposedly the Hertz or Nakamichi are slightly better but, that hasn't been confirmed by anyone I know of. You'd be fine with the SS. Same power and output. I just hate the stupid spider on the top! LOL!
  6. Astrokat
    05-22-2018 - permalink
    Hey man! I found a new P1000.1 phantom for $170 after researching the NVX1200.1. seems the hertz, polk, ppi, ss, all share the same phillips chip.

    My question is, the Soundstream-TN1-1200D is $30 less. Why is this? Less quality internals compared to the PPI?
  7. Astrokat
    05-07-2018 - permalink
    Awesome, thanks for the info!
  8. PPI_GUY
    05-05-2018 - permalink
    I am not impressed with those new Traxx amps PPI has released. They look cheap and I'd stay away. Your Ion 650.1 is a good little amp. The Ion 1000.1 doesn't do rated but, will do 850-900 watts at 1 ohm. However, they aren't very efficient at 1 ohm. But, they will give you about 200 more watts than your 650.1 and they are stable at 1 ohm. Some say the 650.1 will work fine at 1 ohm but, I don't think I'd trust it.
  9. Astrokat
    05-05-2018 - permalink
    Hello! Do you know anything about the new PPI teraxx amps? I can't find ANYTHING. They're cheap, do they not do rated? Also, I love my ion 650. Would the ion 1000 perform as well as in, do rated? -Thanks!

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