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TrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to beholdTrickyRicky is a splendid one to behold

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  1. KG089
    03-31-2019 - permalink
    Hi bro are you still here avail for thee tech talk and or amp repair ..
    I need to know what caps for a full jbl bpx 500 upgrade I see you replaced the two with bigger 4700uf buuut can We do the same for all the caps ...
    And which ones to get which would benefit from either 105 upgrade or audio grade upgrade
    Lemme know plz
  2. warnod32
    03-28-2017 - permalink
    hello tricky ricky I have a kove zd 2000v I need fixed hopefully you have the time sir please let me know when you get the time to respond thank u
  3. Deezneez
    06-10-2016 - permalink
    How are you? What kind of work do you do? I have a few DSM amps I am looking to get refurbed. I would actually prefer to do the refurbing myself but the elect/circuit stuff may need to be done somewhere else. Anyway I have a Punch 60ix that I believe needs repaired first. Thanks in advance.
  4. drumcrusher
    01-05-2015 - permalink
    Cool thanks. I didnt notice any caps leaking when i replaced them all but there were a couple of traces that had seperated and i did my best to fix them. I dont have schematics unfortunately either. Another problem is that at least one of the large, i believe a 100uf in the input section of the amp feels loose. Like the eye at the end of the trace, where the cap mounts to the board is gone. I did my best to get it mounted securely but its not happening. All im getting is the amp initially turning on then immediately going into protect with a blue light coming on on the board near the power supply. I dont have it on hand or i could give you much better details. Ha. Hopefully not a complete loss ...
  5. TrickyRicky
    01-01-2015 - permalink
    I don't have time right now, but I can tell you (drumcrusher) that those old school Zapcos that used "HF" and "HFZ" caps (like the ones in Phoenix Gold) will give you head aches when repairing. The traces get damaged due to the caps leaking, so repairing those traces is a MUST. I've repaired several Zapco's with that issue as well as a few Zeff amps (arc). PM me and I might be able to help.
  6. drumcrusher
    12-31-2014 - permalink
    Hey man hows it going? Have you worked on any of the zapco studio stuff? I recently got another studio 500 that has some problems. When i popped it open noticed a couple of areas where the traces were damaged. I replaced all the caps and did my best to repair the trace areas but its still going into protect. Could be more wrong with it than meets the eye. I just dont have a lot of time to get this thing running right at the moment and thought id give you a shout and see if you are interested in working on it. Do you have any idea on a time frame that it would take you to get to it? I could send it in to zapco most likely or wait till i have time to disect the damn thing, haha, but ive read nothing but good things about your work so i thought id give you a shout. Let me know what you think man. -chris
  7. love car audio
    12-28-2014 - permalink
    love car audio
    Hey there. Was referred to you in regards to a couple of amps I need fixed. Also have a buddy at a shop that has a mess load that need to be repaired. Not sure if you do a couple here and there or if you make a living from it. Let me know... My two are Jl 1000/1 (v1) 450/4 (v1)
  8. daltonmiller1992
    hey i saw you might have some advice on fixing a amp, i had a few questions if you have some time. thanks!
  9. Topwater
    07-26-2014 - permalink
    Sent you a PM on an amp I'd like looked at.
  10. Osuyzfr1
    02-25-2014 - permalink
    Hey man trying to post in your for sale thread but it won't let me. Can you pm me. Interested in the jl 500/1 v2

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    Repairing and servicing amplifiers and other electronics.
    Do you work in the 12 Volt industry?
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