I have a JL HD 900/5 powering some Dynaudio 242 GT's(4x100) in an active setup. I've been reading about head room and wonder if I should give the Dyn's more power. The Dyn's sound amazing but seem to be lacking some "oomph" which is why I'm looking to upgrade. Somebody recommended the ARC KS 600.2 to just power the mid's alone. Is that too much power? The mids are rated at 120 for nominal long term power. I was thinking of bridging the JL 900/5 to get 2x200 8ohms for the tweets and then the 600.2 for the mids. If that is too much power would the 300.2 do the trick or would I be better off going with the HD 600/4 bridged at 2x300.

I could really use some advice here but please stick to the amps mentioned above.