I have a 2016 Camaro with the Bose sound system. I installed two 12in subs in the trunk so I have bass all covered up. In my car the three midrange/high tweeters in the dash sound amazing. However, the rear speakers (near the rear seats) are full-range which makes the highs sound very poor. I want to replace these speakers with two way speakers that can provide me with mids and highs. Most of the two way speakers I have come across are focused highly on bass with little care towards the mids and highs. Since I already am set on bass I need a speaker in the rear that will act similarly to the tweeters in the front. The rear speaker size that I want to replace is 5.25" but I have read that 6.5" also fit. Any suggestions for a good two-way speaker that is excellent in highs and mids and not focused too much on bass? Thanks for any feedback in advance.