Hey guys I am new to this forum and need some help! I have a 2015 Accord coupe. I have been wanting to upgrade my system and get the most out of what i have and if its worth it to upgrade. I have 2 10" Ascendant Audio Chaos 1000rms each on a Twisted Sounds 2.8k at 2ohms. I have them in a 2.5cu box i got custom made for my car. I have been running this setup for almost 2 years and I have been wanting to go louder! Would it be worth it to upgrade my box to a custom 4th order? The same guy that made my box can make a very good custom 4th order for my car. I only want to do this if i can make my 2 10's louder and if it would be worth it from my okay size ported box to a bigger 4th order?