The ride: '94 Lexus LS400
The goal: more boom boom, cleaner overall sq, keep stock appearance

The factory system:
- pos Pioneer head unit
- 1" tweets on A-pillars
- 4" mids (1 in each door...4 total)
- 8" powered sub in rear deck lid

Heres what im considering:
- Alpine double din up front
- Savard HiQ 8" sub
- Tang Band 5.25" minis in each door
- tweets = ??
- maybe some 5x7" 2-ways for upper-mid freq's on each side of sub?
(Should be enough room....deck lid is huge)

Or possibly a pair of two-ways in the rear doors (instead of the Tangs) so all passengers get a good balance of bass + treble?

Trying to get the cleanest balance overall.

Thoughts? Ideas??