I have been trying to get some info on the Focal fsp-8 DSP. From what I have read, looks like you have some ideas about it. Anyway, I went all Focal and now I am struggling to make everything work as there are little or no reviews/guidelines about this DSP.

My setup:

Factory HU
Focal 165 W-RC (Active)
Focal FPX 4.400 SQ
Focal FPX 2.750
Focal Utopia BE 33 WX
Focal Fsp-8

The Focal DSP was supposed to be good for beginners (which it is) but now I am struggling to make it work as there are many other things that needs to be in place (like REW, RTA, level matching, individual driver EQ, etc.). I also bought an Audiocontrol SA4100i mic but need some guidance.