I am new on this forum really because of this problem. But it’s comfy here so I might dig my heels for a bit.

I threw together some sound about a month ago. Kenwood head unit DNN 992, sundown SAE-125.4 and a small alpine 75x4 to power the speakers. I ended up replacing the components in the front doors (again). And ran one Rca cable to the back of the head unit. It sounded better than it ever has. I felt good about it.... then during the maiden drive to the local herb spot I hear a loud !POP! and smelled strong odor of an electrical fire inside the car. But not I. The trunk. I pulled over and check but found nothjng. Now there is some weird shit gonna on with this. Sudden massive alt whine. Wasn’t present at all before this. The sundown amp seems to be acting weird. Half ass working most of the time. The equalizer in the deck is registering upside down. If I raise the bass up it gets lower and vice versa. I am about to tear it all out if I can’t figure out this puzzle.