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  • UMfan86 ·
    Hey man, I'm not spamming anything or linking any pictures.. Just looking to ask for some design help.. Obviously not a bot, so what gives?
    UnstableVortex ·
    I just tried to post a request for help, but it popped something that said it would not post, then disappeared. I tried to submit again -but it said it was a duplicate. What do I need to do to make a post?
    elk88 ·
    I'm not sure what I'm missing/doing wrong but it appears that several of the messages below are the same as mine (post count under 5 and spam/ images message - sent for deletion and contact mod). I checked the site issues & support section and it appears I might need a mods help? I don't believe there was anything that was considered spam in the post and definitely no links/pictures etc. If you need any more details/information, please let me know. Thanks!

    edit: looks like it's protection against bot spam? I so am not a robot *it says in it's best human voice* beep boop... totally not a robot. :laugh:
    Junsei ·

    I posted a new thread a few hours ago, but got a message that it could be spam and a moderator needed to confirm.

    Is it possible to get it back?

    It was a long one lol
    unfknblvbl ·
    So I just posted a new thread and at te end it said something about it being sent to a moderator for deletion and thats all i could read before it disappeared. Whats that all about exactly? and will it be posted ?
    TCSaturn ·
    Sorry for the trouble, but I have tried a few times to post something and it keeps saying that it is being sent to a moderator for deletion because it appears to be spam. I was wondering if there is any way you could pull up the post, verify that it is not spam, and allow it to post?
    unfknblvbl ·
    It's me again. Thanks for the advice and I took it and introduced myself. Can you please post my questions in the car audio forum? I'd hate to have to get all that info together again, it took forever , you know what I mean? ;) Thanks !!!
    poker11788 ·
    Hey Coupe,
    I have a listing named "Mosconi Zero 1" is there anyway that you can change it to "Mosconi Zero 1 Payment Options Available" I'd appreciate it if you could.
    Thanks again,
    JungleSlut ·
    hey brothe so I sent u a pm dono if u got it. Ive currently got a set of mlk165.3 and mlk2 component sets.

    I was going to keep the woofer from the mlk165.3 (since it has 150 watts rms) and the tweeters and crossovers from the mlk2 and sell the others. everthing brand new.

    do u think this is a good idea, I know the tweeters abd the crossovers are better than the 165.3 but other than a ferrite and neo magnet I don't see why I shouldn't keep the speakers with 25 watts rms each more. what are your thought?
    lwdwn1 ·
    HI i am trying to post a classified ad but when i go to post it says it is being deleted because of either my pic or like or spam keywords. all the pics are ones i took and I;m not spam. what am i doing wrong?
    JRIGGS1 ·
    Hi. I paid the 10$ subscription and I tried adding a classifieds but each time I get an error message saying I need either 5 posts or am adding spam. Why??
    poker11788 ·
    Hey Coupe,
    Somehow I listed my ad in hot deal forum. Someone brought it up that it shouldn't be there. How do we fix it. That listing has sold anyway.
    Thanks Dom
    poker11788 ·
    How do I delete my threads. Not only are there 2 of the same ad's the information listed in the ad is incorrect. I've tried asking you guys a couple of times before so I'm not even sure that your even getting these messages. Thanks poker11788.
    If you can please change the price on the listing. It should read
    "Audison Voce AV 5.1K $700 shipped obo"
    poker11788 ·
    Hello. I'm poker11788. I just posted a sales ad last night and somehow I created two of them. So now on the forum it is listed twice. If its possible I would appreciate it if you could delete one of them. The ad says 'Audison Voce AV 5.1K $750 Shipped'
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