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  • ak2366 ·
    i was wondering why your replies so late bro. I just ordered Morel ultimo 12 sc from the U.S i will install them soon. I originally bought Jl audio w6v2 but i feel they might not be for me, Personal preference. I want to sell them anyway if you know anyone in Malaysia for 1400 RM (BRAND NEW). I will keep using my focal krx2 for now and see if there is any imporvement after ordering my 2011 Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD head unit. Its really cool bro. It has something similar to alpines imprint , but its called AUTO EQ. Are you using imprint ? does it work. So much to talk about bro. I wonder if you are really enjoying those Morels. By the way i have a friend in singapore who makes some really cool piccolo tweeter pods with adjustable ball joint so you can get your sound stage. very pretty looking tweeter pods stainless steel. Let me know if you are interested. I will be getting speakers in the future
    rublik ·
    Sorry for the late reply

    I bought my alpine from Germany as the USA unit FM does not work in Malaysia

    I bought my morels from Dynamic Autosound as their price was the best with cheap postage.

    I had to buy the crossovers separately as they don't came in a package. You can buy all the morel items including the crossovers at at the above website.

    Some people say active is better but there are others who say passive is also very good.

    So, is up to u to decide which way to go. I prefer passive.
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