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  • btreez ·
    Hey there, was reading forums because I'm having the same issue with my zapco dc amp and I can't get out of restricted user mode and can't get a hold of the password for the administrator mode. Any help would be soooo much appreciated!! Thanks!
    ChicoOG ·
    Hey Aubrey!!

    Sorry I'll be missing the first few shows. I intend to compete in everyone possible starting mid-April. I'd like to talk to you about some ideas I have. Are you available by phone this weekend or next week?

    If so, please give me your number and I will give you a call.

    slimysenor ·
    hey man,
    i just tried to post a thread to the ebay section, when i hit post it flashed a message that was too fast to read.
    do i need to try something different?
    Buckshot-Bob ·
    I've completed a build on my '08 F250. I've used WORD to write everything down that I've done. What would be the best way to post my build since it's not like others where they post as they go? I'm also not sure the best way to post my pics in relation to the paragraphs where I talk about them. I'm open for any suggestions. Thanks.

    tijuana_no ·
    wus up .
    How did Alpine did in the finals .
    Aubrey , I blew one of my id-8 and I need to replace it and might need 4 more for a project, do you know how much I might be able to get them from ID.?
    sorry to ask you about it , but its hard to get a price from ID .
    tijuana_no ·
    Aubrey , I had a great time and I would like to thank you for everything .I hope MECA grows here in CA. You are certainly the right person to do it .
    If I could be of any help ,I will do my best to help you .
    Please! tell your wife thanx for me .
    Riffmonger ·
    trying to post a question. It's my first post. It keeps being deleted and or sent to moderator for deletion. My initial post had links to some pics of my install and listed some equipment I installed. I guess that's a no, no. My last post had none of this and was still kicked. Could you help me understand what I'm doing wrong?
    scrapeecoco ·
    Made a bonehead post, answered my own question after a lot of clicking, can you disregard my post before it gets posted? Sorry, I'm a definite newb...
    3fish ·
    Seas Lotus Reference Components

    OP has 7 posts. Is forum enforcing 50 post minimum? He's done this before and not been spanked.
    godfathr ·
    I am working on dates right now. I am trying to tie a competion to the Vacaville Fiesta days celebration. Waiting for them to reply. Also I want to have one at the Vacaville Jazz Festival September 18th. As soon as I confirm these dates I will let you know.
    3fish ·
    Gold mine of old school goodness!!!!

    Is this guy selling stuff in hot deals? OP won't reveal location so this should be classified, no? Less than 50 posts.
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