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  • Djtank ·
    Hello, I recently created a thread in regards to planar speakers which I was interested in installing in my 2006 Chrysler town and country. A member referred me to you since you have experience with these style of vehicles. I'm looking for a good sq system. I don't care for Spl since I don't want to damage my hearing. I'm also looking for an affordable solution (like everyone else is). I recently purchased a pioneer deh-80prs hu and a friend a of mine is willing to give me his amp. It's a cheap 1200 watts amp (O2 Oa1200.2). I have been browsing through your thread and loved your setup on the caravan. I found a pair of l4 for $169 which seems like a good deal. Any advise is welcome. Thank you
    jeffbusa ·
    salut lpchouinard , sa fais un bout !!!!
    on c'est vu quelque fois mon nick étais jeffbusa ,
    j'avais meme été te voir a ta job pour écouter ton kit !!!!
    je devais me faire un kit dans mon dodge nitro !!!!!
    c'est jason qui ma dit de te contacter avant d'acheter mon nouveau processeur !!!!
    car tu n'avais eu quelques un !!!!
    moi j'avais penser au #1 jbl ms8 , #2 au bit one #3 ou a celui de fosgate
    c'est pour mètre dans mon charger rt 2011
    tu veux surement avoir plus de detail !!!
    Equilibrium1990 ·
    Hey man, Just researching the ARC15's and noticed in a thread that you had a pair.

    How much power (RMS) can you put to these things and also did you run sealed or ported?

    I plan to run two in 2.5Cu Ft each sealed on 1500RMS @ 2 ohms :)

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