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  • robbyho ·
    Hey, doyou still have the Veloster? I just picked up 2013 and am planning an install similar to yours. What did you end up doing with the mjdbasses?
    Hawjx001 ·
    hey! i did and am in the process. unfortunately im not going the IB baffle route (at least not yet). im still in an apartment so there's no room to build. going to go with a standard ported box for now. buying a house is priority number one right now so this was more of a budget build. all the wire is ran and im planning to build the box soon. going with morel tempo 6's and two 10 inch sundown ev3. im already saving for the upgrade (next year hopefully). going to go full active with raw drivers and go the IB route once i have a garage to build it in. thanks for the follow up! are you still rockin your Chevy?
    Hawjx001 ·

    I stumbled on your ID 15" Infinite baffle setup in your WRX. i've been scavenging the internet for something exactly like that (for a 2015+ WRX in particular) and was wondering if i can pick your brain my (first) IB setup.
    My main two questions are that you mentioned you used 'L' brackets from the baffle to a flat piece of wood above and below the subs.... what did you mount the wood to and how?
    I was also wondering how much power you were sending to your subwoofers consistently also. i've read you don't want to send the max rms in fear of bottoming them out and i'm trying to get a feel of some magical ratio of how much to turn the gain down. i plan to run a Dayton HF 15" for now and am looking to get an amp to match once i find that magical ratio lol. Any input would help a ton!!!

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