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  • Whisky ·
    Bigdwiz. Hello. Really enjoy your Youtube Channel. Have a question maybe you can answer. On the old school Power 300s and Power 650s, when running high channel crossovers in "flat" position (dual stereo), it says to reverse low channel speaker outputs + and - color codes (reverse polarity if not using the internal crossover). Why is this?
    Chopperbuilder ·
    Hey bigdwiz,
    Seems you may be the perfect person to ask ...I'm an old school Orion fan and I've been trying to locate an Orion Xtreme 600.4 and 400.4 to run my mid and tweets with. Recently this brand of amp was brought to my attention...Mmats. In particular the SQ4070. In terms of sound quality, power consumption, actual power output which in your option is the better choice?
    To give idea of how I'm looking to run these amps... 4 mids at 4ohm and at 125 watts per channel. 4 Tweets at 4ohm and 65 watts a channel.
    Or would you recommend an entirely different amp/amps that would be better suited?
    conarobb ·
    just an update. picked the car up today. the system is fantastic. it changed slightly as there was enough room for both the NT12DVC subs so they are running off one of the NT200s, the NT6s run off the other NT200 and the NT1 tweeters are running off the NT100.
    Going to take a couple of weeks to run in properly but already after a 3 hours drive tonight out west there is a big difference.
    If I could work out how to post photos on DIY I would put some up.
    thanks for all the videos really helped me get ready for the install.
    conarobb ·
    Hi Derek,
    been a while since i dropped you a note. Thought I would let you know I finally got around to having my orion NT system installed in my ute (pickup). I ended just sticking with a complete NT apart from the headunit (Pioneer Nav) and processor (Mosconi). All up i ended up running my NT1s off an NT200, the NT6s from another NT200 and a of NT12DVC from and NT100.
    Know you are a real old school fan and thought yuou may be interested. As they say better in the car than in the cupboard.
    keep up those great videos.
    Jinx d4life ·
    Hi bigdwiz,

    Ive been researching on google trying to find pdfs back issues of CA&E, Car Stereo Review and saw that you took interest as well. Did you find any sources? Ive been into Audio since the early 80's used to collect them religously, but my mom threw them out. lol Anyway I see youre still active. If you could let me know, or point me in a direction I would really appreciate it.

    Mike Gidley
    conarobb ·
    thanks Dereck. I have a pair of the old school alpine DDDrive 12". I will start with one of these and see how the amp performs.
    Appreciate you coming back to me.
    By the way do you know much about the phoenix gold xvr crossovers ? I was think about using a orion nt200 (or concept 97.3) in my other car to run some splits in passive along my nt12 (dvc 4 ohm) with an xvr 2. My question is does the amp see a 2 or 4 ohm load wth the xvr 2 ? I know the xvr2 is for a 2ohm sub load but i do not know it it converts it to a 4 ohm load on the amp as most of the old school amps were only good for 4 ohm bridged mono (except of course for the high current amps).
    sorry for the long question.
    conarobb ·
    Hey mate long time fan of your vids.
    Noticed you made a post a while ago about your old punch 400x4 and that you used to run it in 2 ohm bridged. Nothing I can find says it will do 2 ohm bridged only 4 ohm. About to throw one in my car and wondered if you could confirm it is indeed safe to run in 2 ohms bridged. I have an nt12 dvc (4ohm) and it would be sweet to use this in my install.
    Thanks and keep those vids coming.
    Zeusvi ·
    Hey big D- i have a pair of PUNCH PRO 18's in pretty dam good shape!!!
    SPP-188. 731-803-0695, names Jared.
    Amp dyno request-seriesVI hifonics ZEus/Thor!
    Zeusvi ·
    Hey Big D-i have a nice pair of SPP-188's if you're interested!
    They had an easy life, ran them sealed on a thor mono...all they had to keep up with was a Nak pa350 biamped...731-803-0695. Names Jared. Ps, when are you gonna dyno some VI hifonics!
    smgreen20 ·
    What in the hell did I just buy? It was a 24hr auction on eBay and the bid started at .99 cents, so I figured what the hell. If I won it for .99 cents plus $15 s&h then ok, it was just a stab....... well I won it. What "it" is, is a Rockford Fosgate AF/4HD xover. Listed as non working, had no way of testing it. I know little about it, just from a quick google search.

    I'll take pics when it arrives.
    Josephs954 ·
    Hi, i would like to buy the Mmats d200hc if still available! Let me know what info you need for payment through Paypal. I'm located in Sunrise,Florida and per your posting $250 includes shipping.

    Thanks, Joe
    ryanr7386 ·
    I'll continue to find an Original or I'll buy the components at a later date to make one. In no hurry. Ya, it's a steal if it works. As clean as it is it was worth the gamble. Here's the link ti it, check it out.
    OLD SCHOOL AMP A/D/S PH15 HIGH END Automotive Stereo Super Amp Guaranteed! | eBay
    ryanr7386 ·
    That Sucks! I'm now looking for an original myself. I landed a MINT PH15 for $75 bucks on e-bay which needs tested within 14 days for full refund. I'll keep you posted.
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