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  • sqgodz ·
    Hey quick question about grounding amps in a fusion...
    I'm running both my amps under the rear deck in an 08 similar to your setup. Where did you ground the amp that is up there? I'm having trouble finding a decent ground.
    Thanks in advance for the help

    claytonzmvox ·
    Friend, I'm from Brazil and praised his set, you remember? Acquired'm crossovers SPX-F17T 3-Way Crossovers F1 F # 1, but I can not work with them. they accept speakers of 6 ohms or 8? use peerless sls + tang band w3 1364s hat L1 + PRO SE. PLEASE HELP ME. THANK YOU!
    BowDown ·
    Love that avatar. :)

    I just found pictures of my equipment using Google Image search, scaled em down, and then used Paint Shop Pro to put em in a row and draw some simple lines between em. I'm sure it could be done in MS Paint too.
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