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  • jngggggggg ·
    hey man, was wondering if you had another software to recommend woofer-enclosure modelling since i have a mac and WinISD pro alpha is available on macs. thanks!
    Big D ·
    Hey Larry how you doing man? Life is good just wanted to say Happy New Years! Tried to call ya but your message box is full lol. You put a system in your car?
    helosquid ·
    I was wondering if you ever built that CWP designed box? I was doing a search for his work in this forum and came across your thread...
    cubdenno ·
    ooof... Using them for a midbass? Or are you going to build an enclosure?I think if you look on the Sundown Audio forum you will find there are a couple of guys who are doing this. I think it would depend on how deadened and sealed your doors are. They will flex the crap out of them. Ask Jacob about how high you can cross them over.
    mikeE72 ·
    hey its mike again i remembered that your son had 4 of the e8s and you seemed to know alot about them so i was wondering how would they do in doors?
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