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  • dodgerblue ·
    bill ,im an glad baby jesus interviened prior to you going trench coat on van buren ! great news man - sounds like it was a good day , well catchup this weekend , have a good one ,rick
    wheelieking71 ·
    i should have just brought the rest of the money this morning. stupid-stupid-stupid. i got home from work and my new neighbow accross the street came rushing over. "man ive got someone coming to look at my travel trailer and all of a sudden the tailights dont work! ill give you $100 if you can fix em before the potential buyers get here". of course i said O.K. sent him to autozone for a pair of new lights, and i busted out my trouble light and a handfull of bulbs and got after it. 45 minutes later he had new working tailights, and i had $100 cash. woo-hoo! plus tomorrow, and i got enough to buy another amp. i am a junkie i swear. this is it though. i ve got enough amps to do a nice install, i need to quit buying amps and start buying materials and get it done.
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