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  • ebrahim ·
    She is looking for something that goes well with Jazz music though and does not want to throw to many watts at it. I assume she was talking about nothing over 500 watts to a single sub and she is more picky about SQ than I am.
    Horsemanwill ·
    i have no idea i don't keep tabs on them. i just keep in touch with Eric. far as i'm concerned ID is going down the drain. i mean they can't even get their tech sheets in order. wtf
    Oliver ·
    NEW BOSTON PRO60SE 6.5" CAR COMPONENT SPEAKERS+2YR WRNT - eBay (item 300508408044 end time Jan-24-11 22:43:45 PST)

    The stamped cover has perforations running down each side providing air supply to the internal fan, which exhausts the hot air out each end of the amp.

    If U can add a squirrel cage fan forcing air into the side hole { 1 side is great }, I 'm guessin 240 watts continuous .

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