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  • jnorman5 ·
    Looking forward to meeting you at the NCSQ meet. Your insights and guidance in vids, posts, etc have been extremely helpful to me over the years. I am hopeful, you could spend some time with me during the meet. Critique my setup, review some REW charts and make some recommendations. My challenge at present is shaping the 50Hz to 160Hz range. My DSP is a Helix Pro and I plan on bringing a laptop, mic, etc. I don't want to infringe on your time and understand you may have other goals when you get there. No offense taken if you won't have time. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your input on DIYMA!!
    Nusse ·
    I'm interested in buying two of your KEF SP1632, if you haven't sold them already.

    I live in Sweden... Hope that's not a problem. Could wire money in advance.

    Actually thinking of building something like your 3-way with Kef Concentric and Scan 26w, but maybe a passive version.

    I tried PM and to post in the diymobileaudio, but wasn't allowed...

    Best Regards,
    alemant ·
    Hi Erin, my name is Alex, i live in Italy near to Bologne, I have some question of Arc ps8 & Ae Subwoofers...
    I use with he's software, and it's superb! It's not for novice but after 5/6 hour spend on it, I like flexibility of inputs, various type of crossover and slopes, parameters eq with steps of 0.25db... Small step of time correction... But it's not deequalize eom unit, and not any auto setup, but I love them over other dsp...
    Why you have left out from your car?

    After some time I see a specific sub for Ib setup, in Italy the Ib setup it's not see for high sq... But on sedan It's a perfect match, sedan on Europe it's low selling because people like a hatchback or wagon (not me)...
    Only space on my civic is a rear deck, on back of the seat I have some electronics (It's a hybrid) and i try put two 12" or 15"...
    You have try Au and ht sub, how many difference?
    Apollo magnetic upgrade?

    palldat ·
    Hey how are you? I know you had used 2 HD900/5 for each side of your vehicle. could you let me know how you wired them up?

    I am using the sub channel on my mid bass and I want to bridge the other channels for my tweeters and rear channel.

    How do I wire the speakers? outer + and -

    Thanks for your help
    Kevin K ·
    So I just noticed today your from North Ala. I work in Corinth, MS and live just north of Corinth in Stantonville. Do you ever pass this way going to Memphis during the week? Maybe before the May 19 event, I'd like to get your input on the tuning I have now and see where I stand with what's done so far. I found my old IASCA cd Saturday and did some tuning with it and my RTA app after I calibrated it. I like the result much better now than before and believe it's getting close.
    Saw your picture with bike. I used to race BMX in Jackson and Memphis years ago. Small world.
    LGustin ·
    Hey I seen you were looking for a Fosgate Gavotte, are you still looking? I have one that I was going to list on eBay but would rather sell it than list it. You can email me if your interested. lonnie_gustin at hot mail dot com
    claytonzmvox ·
    I'm interested in the pair of 12mu friend, wanted to know the volume of the enclosure used to him, so that he render well!!
    Mitsu1grn ·
    Hey Erin, its Nick!!

    Would you happen to know anyone that might like to have a McIntosh MCC 602 TM? I got one for doing some work in trade and I really don't have room for one in my car. Wouldn't set well with Focal you know! If you do, would you mind sending them my way. Im building an new home theater and I need $$$$ for it!

    Thank you sir!
    someyoungguy ·
    hey erin,

    i'm kinda new here and i'm just confused. i saw your review about w910 vs w505 and i read that the h800 flopped on the w910. does that mean that the w910 is totally incompatible with the h800?
    bka6 ·
    Hi bikinpunk, I need your help with my MS-8 install if you dont mind...
    When I go through the speaker setup and try to do the rear’s the only option I get it “None” so I’m not sure if I have the rca jack’s from the amps connected correctly on the MS-8. The RCA outputs are labeled 1-8 can you tell me what each represents?
    Also, I’m I suppose to hear something when the set up CD is playing, because I hear nothing.
    Head unit: Alpine CDA-9886
    Amps: Alpine PDX-450.1 & PDX-1000.1
    Speakers Focal (6.5) K2 Components in front & (6.5) Coaxial’s in the rear.
    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    Leonard77 ·
    Hi, you seem to be the perfect person to ask: if I ran my Scans Illuminator 18WU paper cones without a HPF, is it safe? Or will it damage my drivers. They're currently installed in my door panels which have a double layer of Dynamat Extreme.

    Thanks in advance :)


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