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  • ohfourzee ·
    hey man looking for some speakers rings if you can make some? I need them for a pair of aurasound whisper 2"..let me know
    devin7000 ·
    Sorry to bother you, but I saw a thread here about soundstream amp repair. It had a guy on there named wade Stewart, an old soundstream designer who goes by ace596. I noticed you on his friend list, do you know if he is still around? If not do you recommend anyone for my repairs? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks! Devin
    GlasSman ·
    I modeled it in WinISD. I believe I was looking at 50 HZ to 150 HZ which is where I run my midbass in the front doors. I forget how many ports or the size but your calculations seem correct.

    Porting your IDQ8's in that manner will certainly give you nice results I wouldn't want THAT much midbass in the BACK of the car. It works much better up front.

    Go to the ID forum and ask Eric or Matt since they obviously have more experience porting this driver. I've only modeled in the ported config. I've ran them sealed around .25 cu ft with around 350 watts of power each and they keep up with every setup I've had.

    mitchyz250f ·
    I read your post on your ported IDQ8 on the 'ported midbass' thread and have a few questions.

    When you wrote "When I put my IDQ8 DVC in a .25 cu ft box ported tuned to 40 HZ I get a 9 DB boost over the same size sealed enclosure in midbass frequencies", what specific frequency range are you speaking about? I ran some calculations and it seemed you had one 3" port or two 2" ports approx. 40-45 inches long. Is this correct?

    I am running my IDQ8's IB from 90 to 200 Hz in the rear quarters of my RSX (underneath my rear windows) and have a decent mount of room to do a ported box with tubing. Do you think I would get similar increases in efficiency going ported?
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