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  • Mitsu1grn ·

    What kind of amp are you using? If it is not a really good class AB amplifier you will be hearing a lot of the digital hash that comes out of a class D amp. The kevlar speakers are especially revealing when it comes to D class amps.

    Another thing that you could be hearing is that the drivers may not be broken in. Kevlar speakers have a nasty habit of taking 150 hours of break in time before they are fully broken in.

    One more thing, and this is one that I stress to our new dealers when I do their training. Focal builds speakers to sound like LIVE UNAMPLIFIED MUSIC. IF you have ever been near someone playing a trumpet and let them hit high C it is sharp and somewhat nasty and bright! That is what Focal strives for each and every day. Basically uncolored sound. I will tell you that everything in the signal path will contribute to the overall sound that comes out of the speakers. What ever goes in will come out of them!

    Hope this helps some!
    ak2366 ·
    Hi there i need your advice as to what component speakers to use in front and coaxials at the back i have spent thousands and thousands of $ and yet i get no results.. I currently use Focal Krx2 (front) and focal 165cvx(back) but i just feel the sound might be too bright.. what do i do from here.. I was considering Morel supremo 6 + piccollo tweeters. would you have any alternative advice for me. Thanks and i will really appreciate your advice
    Eric Stevens ·
    There will only be 2 wires. You have a coax type RCA which is fine also.

    Pin and 3 get connected together inside the XLR connector and the ground connects to both pins. But oin just one channel as mentioned to prevent ground loops. Connect only Pin 3 on the opposite channel to the outer shield of the RCA for your signal ground.
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