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  • jel847 ·
    rexxlo did i not send you your item? when you told me it was broke i drug my feet but did i not make good by sending you the speakers you wanted?
    you make it sound like i never sent your item or that i didt try and make good on the deal.
    rexxxlo ·
    nope i had money in paypal i guess im out hope soeone else dont get burned

    watch out guys

    if anyone wants the xover i am having it repaird and will sell it cheap
    tann808 ·
    I hope you used your credit card (most likely they will refund you not Paypal) I'd file your paypal dispute ASAP, This guy is a scammer (at least with me)
    rexxxlo ·
    bad seller he sold me a bad piece promised to refund then dissapeared

    i gave him 3-5 chances with emails and pm's but he still will not make things right

    im off to paypal to file a dispute

    hope no one else deals with him
    hybridspl ·
    Jeff, I shipped the speakers tonight and shed a tear. I hope you enjoy them as I never got to use them but have had great experiences with all of Illusion Audio's other products. Only the best companies seem to go out of business. Anyway, following is your UPS tracking number and you should see the speakers on Friday! 1ZA691X00305507477
    Please let me know when you ship the amps, and forward me the subsequent tracking number(s). Please pack them well, as I have had other amps come in trashed, and would hate to see great amps like these old gems go to waste.
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