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  • obogle ·

    Were you ever able to add the factory Bluetooth module? I am trying to do a conversion for the Japanese domestic market version of the Radio (Which comes with everything built-in; Amps and HFL) with the US market version so that I can get English but I cant get the Bluetooth (HFL Module) to work because the car does not have the same Harness J connection since the radio seems to have the HFL built in. Do you have a wiring diagram for the Bluetooth module and how the wires connect to the radio? Any help would be appreciated.
    95 avus blue ·
    Hi Richard,
    Saw your YouTube video about the Alpine head Unit, then about the insulation in the Accord.
    I just bought a 2015 Accord Sport 6 spd in Modern Steel. The Audio needs help big time. I'm in NJ, wold gave been nice to see your car.
    Shadowmarx ·
    yes I have some CDT wide rage speakers. They are ohm variable. the resistance from what I am told is to be around 10 15 ohm cause of the variable FZ. I am running my amp at two ohms already .Two ohm stable . would it be too much to run Those CDT's ????
    Shadowmarx ·
    I was told to look u up to ask If I could run 10 15 ohm speakers( there really 4 ohm variable fz) . on an amp that is already run'n at 2 ohms. The amp is 2 ohm stable.
    The speakers are CDT center stage 020's
    keep_hope_alive ·
    yea, the local shop carries Hertz, most of their line. The coax are decent. The $350 6x9 was surprisingly good.
    I think the Clarus are good, better than High Energy, but not close to Mille. Legatia is the Mille competitor.
    bumbabeef ·
    I saw that you were going to compare the hats to hertz line. What did you think. Also do you have any experience with hertz coaxial line up.
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