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  • truckguy ·
    Hey, I was trying to find the thread you had for your Colorado when you were testing the signal coming out of the stock head unit. Can you send me a link to the some how? I’d like to check it out again. Thx!
    lolopicolo ·
    Hi fourthmeal,

    i am writing you in regard to the JBL MS-8 discussion i found on the forum. May i ask you about the way you are fine tuning your system - do you play pinknoise/whitenoise and observe the graph of the speakerson REW? If yes how do you play it - burn it on a CD/AUX source, play it and check the mobile app?

    Many thanks in advance
    Wynndaddy ·
    Ok ,thanks for getting back to me . Ive got one sealed @ .6 and it sounds pretty good in a wrangler under the front pass. seat . Im really limited behind the seat of this truck but I think 1.5- 1.7 is pretty doable . Ive been talking to cherryman and Brian Fisher about doing itfor me . Fisher is only about 30min from me . Neither one of them have done this in a truck like mine . If i go that route Ill let you know how it turns out .
    Wynndaddy ·
    I saw one of your posts on a ported box with a SD-3 10 . I was wondering if you ever built one of these and what the results were ? Im trying to decide to go sealed or ported on these behind the seat of a ford SD crewcab .

    Man, just playing with WinISD models (not exact I know), if you put this in a ~1.7 cube box and tune way down in the 24hz range, you end up with a ruler-flat response clear out to infrasonic frequencies.

    Would make a good home theater sub as well as a good option possibly for a vehicle with poor cabin gain, I think.
    sbeezy ·
    I haven't forgotten about you bro, Just been a busy few days for me and my audio guy. will send you those prices as soon as possible. saturday should be the day I can go by the shop.
    cueball981 ·
    Gotcha! I'll be sure to check that one out. Thanks so much for your reply! Oh, was going to ask you did you route your speaker wire to the doors? I was looking at my doors last night and noticed Ford still has that damn plug that attaches to the from the door to the car. GRRRR! Thanks!
    cueball981 ·

    Hopefully I'm not intruding. I was given your username by another member, percy072. I am about to embark on my most intensive install to date (been into car audio since I began driving at 16...40 now! LOL!). I recently purchased a 2014 Ford Fusion. I understand you're running an MS-8 (did watch your video...great install!). From previous discussions surrounding our stock Ford Sony systems, I've read that the MS-8 requires the outputs after the Sony amp to keep all the functionality of the stock amenities. In your video I notice you have the outputs from the HU going into the inputs of the MS-8. By doing so, are you retaining your SYNC chime, bluetooth, and other SYNC features?

    I am very new to these "new" cars with integrated everything, so any advice you have time to provide I'll appreciate very much!

    instalher ·
    there is a guy selling an almost perfect ms-8 on here for 260 shipped... jhuston. check it out I talked to him already and he still has it..
    crazymikez ·
    Would the post be good for the system in my 2005 ford escape? I am from escape city. I am also getting deadening material from Don for all the doors.
    crazymikez · Polk Audio DB6501 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver): Car Polk Audio DB651 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speakers: Car Planet Audio AC1800.5 MOSFET Five-Channel Power Amplifier, 300 Watts x 4, 600 Watts x 1 MAX Power: Electronics Pioneer TS-SW2501S4 10-Inch Step Up Shallow S4 Subwoofer: Electronics
    nerofive4 ·
    What tools and materials would you suggest having/purchasing for putting fiberglass in a door build in an 09 escape?

    (Im from the escape-city forum)
    costasmaz ·
    I noticed the excellent work on the Sentra you did. I just got a 2010 Sentra SL (Non-Rockford) and I've been bitten by the car audio bug, again. Problem is, I can't seem to find a straight answer about what size speakers will fit in the front doors. (I don't want to modify anything, just change out what's in there. I'll use an adapter plate if I have to) So, since you've been there, what size fits? Thanks in advance.
    Warbird777 ·
    I wanted to thank you for recommending I contact Nick about the mkIII as an alternative to the 13.5 inch JL Audio. He did let me into the group buy (I think I was one of the last). And I am a happy camper. The 0.5cf requirement allows for all kinds of options.
    mikechec9 ·
    I can send you the sub if you need it for 180 plus shipping. Or if there is anything else that you require on my list, I will be willing to cut it for you...except my tweeters :)
    oemplusmore ·
    Hey do you still have the spx 17po mids, I'm ready to buy them, i found some pro crossovers. Please don't tell bld 25 bought yours!
    Lanson ·
    Lol...Projects are on hold until I pick up an LS400 from 95-00. Tspence ain't so can just set him to ignore if you can't stand him.
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