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  • Eticket ·
    qm100's I don't mind selling them if you make a decent offer. I don't think I have any grills though but can check. They were a part of a 6.5, 4, tweeter set.
    johntharkins ·
    After looking at some of the forums and the equipment you've had/sold it's clear that you have the same sickness that I do. I can't leave well enough alone. I'm constantly wanting to try new equipment when my current setup blows everyone else away.
    stj174 ·
    I am looking for some Hertz HSK165 Comps. I have heard that you have them. Could you please quote me the best possible price for them?
    Thank you.
    eatapeach ·
    I saw that you have Hertz and I was wondering if you could send me a price list of what you have? I am looking for 6.5 components and havent been able to find anyone with Hertz around Dallas.

    Talk with you soon!
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