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  • bradesp ·
    Hi Mic,

    I noticed you're a rock star in the SQ industry and you're nearly a next door neighbor - I live in North Raleigh. Wondering if you know anyone in the Raleigh area you might recommend for a simple "tuning"... I'm putting together a two-way system in a miata... just bought a pair of Audible Physics Nz3 Albe wide-band drivers for the dash/A-pillars, and a pair of 8" Dynaudio-Esotec-MW-172 Midbass Woofers. I have a BitTen DSP and two SoundStream 240 watt Class D Amp.. so that I can drive the woofers and wide-bands seperately.


    focalfreak ·
    hey man this is jonathan

    I work in a stereo shop in Raleigh nc and live in apex

    I was in the forums and saw that you lived in holly springs, I saw your stats
    and I would like to ask you couple questions
    T3mpest ·
    Hey, just wondering on your stance with the JBL ms-8 and horns? I know you've used them and had some issues, but I heard from someone else that you were able to still get your car to sound very good with the m-8, what's the real story?
    rrpalma ·

    I'm sorry to bother you, but just saw that you have (had?) some Image Dynamics q450.4 amps. How's your experience with them, if you don't mind my asking?

    I have been a long time (10+ yrs) user of Zapco amps; my last build has an older generation DC Ref, driving some 3 way Morel Elates. Very, very happy with Zapco.

    However, now I need to build a lower priced setup, and need to choose between an ID Q450.4, a Zapco I-Force 4100.4, or 2 newer generation Zapcos ST-2D. Looking only at SQ and build quality, what would be your recommendation? The amp will be driving some 6.5 Morel Tempo components and an 8" ID woofer.

    Thank you for your comments, and I apologize if this message bothered you in any way.
    HiFiAL ·
    I saw an older post that you had a pair of JL Audio 13tw5's in an IB install. I know this is very subjective, but I was wonder if you give an idea of how tight the bass is in this install. I will admit up front that I am a bit spoiled in that I have previously only used 10" subs in sealed enclosures. But tight hard hitting bass is my highest priority and I am in a situation now that IB is about my only option. How would you say your IB setup would compare to a typical pair of 10's in sealed boxes?
    aznbo187 ·
    Hey Mic,

    I'm currently helping a friend put together a new setup for his E36 coupe, and could use some advice. The current setup is 2-way 6.5" Elemental Design (eDi6000) component, passive, running of a 80prs and being powered by a Nine.4 (75watts/channel). We're also using HAT 6x9's in the rear deck powered by the same amp, and a 12" RE XXX subwoofer in a sealed box powered by another amp.

    We're having trouble getting width on the front stage and also getting the sub to sound less muffled.

    Was wondering if you had any advice on what to do?

    We were planning on re-doing most of it, using a 2-way active front stage and either doing a different sub, and removing the 6x9's. Another option is using a pair of IB mounted 8's in the 6x9 location.

    Thanks in advance!
    invecs ·
    I see. Maybe I'll try taming reflections after the competition. It's a hell week for me. I'm tuning 2 cars for friday's competition.

    It seems ok with everything I threw into it. But I just wished that the tweets were a tad more natural sounding. I really hate boosting...specially that's just asking too much from a speaker that can't play those frequencies. How I wish I was just tuning a Focal's easier to just eq out than eq-ing something in.

    Thanks alot for the tips. I hope we do fine.

    Mic10is ·
    center console reflection. now that you mentioned that I had the same problem in my BMW right the left image. Far left was good. center was good but left of center was off by a couple inches.
    It was b/c of reflected energy off the center console
    Once I tamed that by making some pads, it fixed the problem.
    see what happens if you put a thick towel or blanket over the center console

    glad things are sounding better, is it just better with the EMMA disc or overall?
    invecs ·
    Hi Mic,

    I ended up using 4kHz 18db for both mids and tweeters. I've tried using 12db slopes...but focus wasn't really that became bigger.

    I boosted quite alot at 16kHz...around +7db with a q=1. Also boosted at 100Hz +8db q1.5. I also attenuated frequencies at 315, 1k, and 3kHz. I really hate boosting...but the tweeter really rollsoff fast, and the midbass is a low Q design with not much amplitude at 80-150Hz...and I only have 5 parametric bands of L&R eq to work with.

    The systems sounds better...alot more top end...very natural midrange...midbass is just ok, not much impact but well defined...the subass is very good.

    I also adjusted t/a...soundstage widened...and position to stage seems to be farther. I still have that problem with the right center position...most likely a reflection problem...but the right center image is alot better but still not equidistant from the center and far right.

    I think we have a better chance of placing than how it sounded a few days ago.

    Thanks alot.

    invecs ·
    I've tried using 2.5kHz with 12 db. I've noticed when everything is off and just the tweeters isn't focused and it seemed to have another center image coming at the right side. Focus improved with a steeper slope and when I raised the xover point at 3.5kHz. I'll try to use a higher xover point with a 12db slope.

    That's what I told him...the dashmat plays a big deal specially when trying to tune for imaging. I tuned another friend's car last april and won 3rd in his class because of the dashmat and treated a-pillars.
    Mic10is ·
    he only needs to have the mat on for SQ judging, it isnt a permanent part of the install, he could even use black cloth or towels for that matter just to go through SQ-Tell him if looking better than placing better or being on stage versus not being on stage and see what he says
    Use a 12db slope then, not 18. 18db is 270degrees out of phase
    I never use odd slopes
    what if you lowered the XO point to 2.5khz and have the tweet play more info?
    invecs ·
    Hi Mic,

    I can only use 18db slope since the HXD2 can only do only up to 18db slopes.

    I don't think 5kHz would work...the mid doesn't sound good when crossed that high.

    I've suggested using some dashmat...but the owner doesn't want to...since it looked fugly. So what I did is I put some foam behind the rear view mirror...It did help smoothen the frequency response...but not enough to really correct the right center image position.

    Yup...I don't feel comfortable boosting alot. The problem is if I try and just increase the overall level of the that I don't have enough bands to really contour the frequency response.

    I'll let you know what comes up.
    Mic10is ·
    if u can use a 24db slope, use it
    can you run the tweets higher or lower? what about like 5k and up with a very steep slope?
    If its a one seat car, you can even adjust amplitude of one side or move the balance over a click to the other side
    did u tray dash mat to absorb some reflected energy?

    fix tonal 1st.I would almost NEVER boost when tuning, always cut. If you are boosting alot, you may need to just up the overall amplitude/gain on that side

    only so much u can do w/ that lil amount of eq
    invecs ·
    I'm using 3.5kHz 18db for both mids and highs. Midbass is running fullrange...sub crossed at 40Hz 18db.

    Tonal balance is weighted more in his class in EMMA. I might just boost more to improve tonality...We can't re-angle the tweeters anymore...comp is on this friday already.

    Randy suggested to try boosting more in some frequencies in the left channel to pull the right center image to the left. Problem is that I only have 5 parametric bands L &R to work with.
    Mic10is ·
    I dont know how EMMA scores and which takes precedence but in IASCA and other orgs, Tonal has many more points than Technical
    If everything else is correct, out of 10, hed prob get a 7 out of 10 for that placement and we'll assume noone gets a 10 and so he gets a 9 out of 10
    so still good scores
    but if tonal is off, that will affect everything else perceptually.
    Its honestly hard to sit and listen and judge a car that has tonal problems, b/c you still have to listen to it to pick out the technical aspects.

    what are the XO slopes? Id use steep slopes to get better image placement.

    but as much as I tried to do the same thing over the years, TOnal has more points than imaging, so work on fixing those areas.
    what are the XO points?
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