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  • Eric Stevens ·
    You can contact me at 310-869-4438 or PM or email. Send me a pm with your emaill address and I will respond back to you if you like.

    You can alos ask on the forum so the answers are there for others to learn from if they are of a technical nature.

    mitchyz250f ·
    What about from 100 - 200/250? What would be the difference in sound? How does the BC efficiency come into play n this range. How does the SLS 8 compare in this range?

    Thanks for your time.
    ClinesSelect ·
    The XLS will easily play down to 50hz (or lower) but sounds terrible above 250-300hz. The B&C will not play down that low but will play up to 700hz or so. The B&C is basically a pro-audio driver with high efficiency and low Xmax. The XLS is a home audio driver so it is less efficient with more Xmax. For a pure midbass, the XLS is a far better choice than the B&C, in my opinion. I needed a midbass/midrange to mate with a pair of horns so the B&C was the better choice unless I went with a three way front stage. Hope that helps, any questions let me know.
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