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  • Joenaz2003 ·
    How's it going mssmith. I'm new here but have a JL question and I hear your the man to see. Hopefully you can give me a happy answer. The car audio store I shop at is closed tomorrow and I have no front speakers or subs so I'm in a panic lol.

    I'm in the process of an SQ build. I just installed (2) HD 600/4. One is making my speakers click even at low volumes which they weren't doing with the old amp. And the 2nd is blinking red/green as soon as it powers on. Is it possible I have (2) bad amps? My wiring is the JL 2awg XD-PCS2-2B kit. I've checked all my connections and everything appears to be tight, my voltage also looks good. The clicking and blinking is happening with the car running and not running.

    This is what is hooked up to them
    HD600/4 #1 BLINKING
    Front Chanel - pair of C5-650
    Rear Chanel - (1) 4ohm 10" o2 spiral sub (temporary till the 12W6v3-4 and HD750/1 comes in lol)

    HD600/4 #2 clicking
    Front Chanel - pair of C5-570
    Rear Chanel - (2) 6W3v3-4
    spyders03 ·
    Mr Smith, I have an e4300 that I have had for a while now, and it has developed a really bad whine in it whenever the vehicle is running. I have swapped it out with another 4 channel amp with the same wiring, and the noise goes away. My local audio shop diagnosed it as well, and determined it was the amp, probably going bad. I looked at them like they were crazy, as in 6 years of JL ownership, I have never had a failure from JL Audio. I also have a 500/1v2 that I have had for years, as well as a 12w6v2 in a JL Prowedge box that I have had for a long time, and they just seem to sound better and better every day. Any help you can provide, would be greatly appreciated.

    Tritty ·
    Mr Smith,

    I have a set of C5-653's which are currently being used in a full active setup. I have searched the JL website, the owners manual and the box itself for a list of T/S parameters and a frequency response chart and had no luck. If possible could you please PM me the individual T/S parameters, frequency response chart and a chart showing the on/off axis response of the C5-650cw+C5-400cm+C5-075ct.

    Regards, Tristan Welsh
    Drivingnails ·
    Mr. Smith,

    I am considering the purchase of a HD900/5. I only hesitate because I always seems to buy and the next best thing comes out. I have never heard a HD amp but from what I read they seem to be very nice.

    I have read some complaints of a compressed sound and hard to listen to for any amount of time. Can you guess as to why anyone would say that?

    I only ask because I want to hear from a JL person as to these claims. And to be honest, anything you can say to steer me away from the Alpine pdx-v9 would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Jeff Slartman
    Bmiller23000 ·
    Hello I'm new at this but from what I been reading you are the go to guy for jl I just bought a 2011 Toyota tundra crew max and want to put some subs are maybe just one I'm not looking to blow my windows out I just want a good clean sounding sub to jam to I replaced the stock door speakers with kicker two way 6 1/2 's and plan on changing the stock head unit with a double din pioneer DVD / nav unit I've been looking at the stealth box that jl makes for my truck with the 13 tw5 but I never heard one of these subs before what is your opinion on these stealth boxes and I plan on pairing it up with a jl jx1000/1 please give me your opinion on this I also plan on putting a jl jx360/4 on my door speakers please help me out with this thanks Ronnie Miller
    matt1212 ·
    Hi manville, Im hoping you may be able to assist me with setting the gains on my drivers. I have a 450/4 and a 300/4 (both v2). Im using the 450/4 to run a set of mids and tweets active off an ms-8. My problem is the tweeter is an 8 ohm Focal TN53k and the focal mids are 2 ohm. Can you please assist me by:
    1. Confirming the 450/4 has separately regulated power supplies and the tweeters not going to be affected by the rips adjusting to 2 ohm
    2. Give me the equation used to calculate output at each voltage level at the terminals. The tweeter is ~15w rms and i need to know what i should set the output to.

    Thanks again, Matt
    n2caraudio ·
    I sent you an email a week ago about my review of the JL 500/1 and 300/2. I am looking for any information that you would like to add to the review that would make it more complete. I plan to explain how the RIPS circuitry works in as easy to understand terms as possible. I would also like to get some history of the company, and what drives you to create great electronics. If you are not the one I should be talking with about this, please let me know who so I can get ahold of them.
    KyleMDunn ·
    Hey, quick question. I purchased an HD900/5 and want to know if it can be mounted sideways. I read people saying that their amp went into shutdown when it was vertical, so I am curious what JL says about mounting the HD's. Thanks.
    Davidruse ·
    Hi Manville. Im David Ruiz Sessarego from Lima Peru.
    My personal e-mail is [email protected] I dont know how to use this web page very well, so it would be easier for me if you can write me to that e-mail. Best regards
    abmobil ·
    I have a question about one of my JL amps,
    Its a 1000/1 manufactured in March of 03.
    I purchased it brand new.

    The low impedence light comes ,and goes ,but its on more than its off.
    It has zero output when the light is on.
    Sometimes it sends random blurps throgh the subs.

    The load on the amp has not changed.
    Its 2 w3v2s dual 4 ohm wired in a 4 ohm load.

    I am temporarily running a JL E1400D ,and it works fine.
    All connections in ,and outside the box checkout ok.

    Do you have any idea what may have went wrong ,and do you think its worth repairing at this age?
    Any idea what the Life expectancy is on these things?

    Thank for your time ,and any feedback you can give!
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